Writing with Love – I Love Trees

By Amanda Tonna,

May 2, 2021

I love trees! In particular, I made friends with this majestic beauty you can see in the picture.

We have recently temporarily moved to an urban area, or at least, more urban than I am usually used to. I had been feeling slightly overwhelmed by the surrounding concrete jungle. Even though I often retreated to the sea-side, which is only a five-minute walk from our house, I was still finding myself in the complaining zone of missing the trees.

Then last week I was commissioned to interview someone and we agreed to film it somewhere in nature, with lots of trees in the background. As I don't own a car, I was looking for the perfect spot to be walking distance from my home so I could easily carry all the filming equipment with me.

And Pow! I remembered a lovely small family park that I had actually visited a few times before. As we were walking towards it, we accidentally discovered a shortcut that made it possible to walk there in ten minutes. The Salini Park was packed with families walking their cute dogs and running after kids. Some girls were dancing for TikTok, while some other youngsters played football. A two-year old toddler was trying to join the fun with his little ball and it was simply heart-warming to witness some teenagers delightfully rubbing his head and interacting lovingly with the little boy.

As we walked further looking for the perfect interview spot, I saw her. Her majestic trunk was extended and resting on the soil beneath it, as if she was welcoming anyone in need of a break. Since then, I have been visiting her often. We sit on her steady branch to play music, read, write, meditate or share a snack. In fact, that is exactly where I was sitting when I wrote this post. She gives a lot. I feel grounded and connected and so grateful for all the trees.

Have you been close to trees lately? If yes, well done. If no, I certainly hope you get the opportunity to do so soon. If you like trees and have a particular story to share, please write it in the comments below.

Blessings to all the trees and beings on this Earth!

Amshumala Amanda 

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4 thoughts on “Writing with Love – I Love Trees”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Amanda! One of the pieces I’m reading at the moment actually inspires us to ask a tree a question and be still to hear her response. Maybe your friend is answering your questions through your music, writing, meditation, and snacks.

    • Oh that is so beautiful Allison! I can try it out next time I see her. Any particular questions you have at the moment my dear? I can bring it forward to her … she’s quite a wise granny tree 💓


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