Writing with Love – I Love Storytelling

By Amanda Tonna,

June 11, 2021

As a child, I used to love writing fictional stories and people around me found it very easy to open up to me. I recalled this last year while I was investigating how and what skills to use to help make this a better world. After a series of coaching sessions and self-discovery exercises, great listener and storyteller were at the top of my list.  So I started sharing real stories of real people who are doing awesome efforts to bring about positive change. Without a doubt, I feel that this is part of my true calling. 

What is truer than the truth? A story - Jewish saying

Children seem to love stories and learn easily through a wonderful narrative. Adults love them too. But why do we love stories so much?

Our brain thinks in stories to understand reality. We use stories to grasp the environment around us, to explain things to ourselves and to integrate feelings, thoughts and impulses. Stories can help us emphasize our sense of self. 

Even in groups and communities, you will experience that shared stories bring people together. Neuroscientists have proven how storytellers and listeners have the same areas of their brains light up at the same time. Amazing coherence, right? This mystical sharing of consciousness continues well after the story has been told and therefore there is inevitably less of and more of We. 

Through the stories I tell on my Creative Impact Agents Interviews, I hope to inspire and empower people to be agents of positive change. Check out some of the latest stories I shared of amazing humans on the Creative Impact Agency YouTube Channel. 

Lovely blessings,


P.S. Would you agree that stories help us remember easily and learn faster? 


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2 thoughts on “Writing with Love – I Love Storytelling”

  1. Definitely Amanda! In the days before writing and books were developed, stories were the way in which people passed on their history (perhaps also using cave drawings), so our brains are designed to learn and remember that way. And you tell them so beautifully, looking forward to hearing more 😊


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