Stories Are Blocks To Knowing Truth

By Cat Hamilton,

June 22, 2021

(My thought for the day…)

Life is so unique to each of us. When I first set out on my meditation journey some 20 yrs ago, I soon realised that my thoughts are just my beliefs taken to a logical conclusion However, my conclusions had no bearings on reality, they were just my conclusions based on the knowledge I had and the beliefs I was holding. We are all making it up and believing them to be real, and living as if they are real. They are just made up stories.

In every present moment Life is perfect, eternal, infinite, unhindered and unlimited. It is the thoughts, projections, stories and emotions that are projected onto the present moment that create and perpetuate the experiences we each seemingly have. The lives we inhabit are made of thoughts.

My experiences are my responsibility for I can only experience what I hold in consciousness as my reality. ‘My’ consciousness interacts with Pure consciousness and It conforms to my stories then all I experience are expressions of consciousness on the frequency I emitted.

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