Life Exists Within Itself

By Cat Hamilton,

June 21, 2021

When magnified down far enough all of Life is the same stuff. The same building blocks just formed in different ways. However, all of it is consciousness. That is what connects all Life. Consciousness is the source of everything that exists.

When I started to go within and ponder this, it became clear that life is experienced from within, that consciousness is what gives ‘humans’ dominion over Life. Since all is consciousness manifested there is no where that It is not, therefore consciousness is the only thing present and all of Life is It interacting with Itself.

The Law of Attraction is consciousness conforming to Itself. Depending on the frequencies emitted will depend on the result received. I came to realise that if I assign a story to anything or anyone then I condemn myself to experience that through who or whatever I projected that story.

However, I soon realised that Life is what we say It is. It is all just made up and conforming to the frequency I vibrate on. Call it like attracts like or karma it is all the same thing. Whatever frequency being emitted attracts like frequencies which are then seemingly experienced.

All of Life is consciousness interacting within Itself hence my realisation that Life exists within Itself for there is no where else that It can be.

I keep the qualities of consciousness active in my thoughts which helps me to know that there are no people or situations ‘out there’. Every experience I have is an expression of my consciousness being experienced through seeming individual expressions - other people, situations and circumstances.  They are all conforming to me so I am only able to experience a limited version of anything I have judged other than infinite perfect consciousness.

Knowing this allowed for forgiveness, knowing that all I experienced I called unknowingly to my Self and that there are no ‘bad people out there’. there is only consciousness conforming to Itself through whichever vessel vibrates on the particular frequencies being emitted. It is Life fulfilling Itself as requested and not personal, although it can still feel painful.

This allowed me to take full responsibility for everything that has ever happened to me and to realise that there is never anyone to blame for anything. I felt the release through the history of the evolution of ‘my’ consciousness and I felt free.

Consciousness is ever present, immediate, timeless, infinite, perfect,

continually expanding and revealing Itself, conforming to what is held about It and always fulfilling and sustaining Itself. It is fully established and unaffected by any thoughts about It. Consciousness just Is.

It exists within Itself, for Itself, as Itself and through Itself. There is no thing else.

When known as such and related to as such It is able to act freely and unhindered by stories and concepts about It. I hold the knowing that all in my consciousness is supportive of me and that nothing within my consciousness can harm me.

However, when seen from a human perspective It is hindered. When beliefs, traits and stories are held in consciousness then they have to be experienced. Life is energetic, communicating through vibrations and frequencies within Itself.

This is how consciousness interacts with Itself; perfectly giving what is requested because that is what is being held in consciousness and that is what has to be experienced.

Life expands from where It is, so I know that if I do not hold space for anything other than the infinite perfection of consciousness supporting and sustaining Itself then there is no life to it and it cannot appear as an experience for it is not being held in consciousness.

Thoughts of worry, fear, doubt expand from there and seem to get bigger. The worries become worse and the fears seem to multiply. Thoughts of knowing Self to be infinite perfect consciousness experiencing Itself through Itself and within Itself allows Life to express Itself freely.

When I started to release the blocks in me, the scary figures, the thoughts and beliefs I projected onto infinite perfection I saw that they had no power. They were gone. All of Life is consciousness conforming to Itself and when I hold space for every expression that is in front of me to be free then our interaction is free.

Releasing an identity as a human allowed me to know my Self as a spiritual being - as consciousness experiencing Itself within consciousness, It became pliable. I was no longer a human trying to affect anything, make anything happen or control anything. Knowing my Self as It and understanding the mechanics of Life/consciousness I am now able to allow It to sustain and fulfil me knowing that It always conforms to Itself.

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