I Only See What Is In Me

By Cat Hamilton,

June 21, 2021

When I realised that all of Life is consciousness interacting with Itself, I managed to understand that all I see is because of my consciousness. I could see how my experience is only mine and that anyone in my experience is there because of judgements I hold and stories I tell myself.

Life will conform to my consciousness and anything or anyone that resonates on the frequencies I am transmitting will become participants of my consciousness’s fulfilment.

For example, if I have a belief that there are people out there that are difficult, or I have projected a story about someone, then someone will play that role in my experience for I have limited consciousness to that expression and it has to then be my experience.

All of Life is the same stuff conforming and interacting with Itself.

If I have a belief or story about anything then I will have experiences that confirm my belief or story.

I started to look at my Life to see where I was hindering and limiting consciousness. What stories am I telling myself? What beliefs am I experiencing? I broke it all down to small components for example my mum has been having mental health challenges, I lost my business during covid, I inherited an elderly couple who live in the same apartment block as me who have Alzheimer's and other difficulties, the flat I’ve been renting for 7 years has gone on the market and money has never been so tight.

Quite a list!

I’ve been looking within to see what is it in me that believes there are people who need help, that it is possible for infinite perfect consciousness to be sick or lacking in anything and realised that those were all my experiences and expressions of consciousness that I was entertaining and interacting with.

If all that exists is the same stuff conforming to Itself then I am responsible for all I see and experience. I don’t have to fix anyone or anything, I only have to change the beliefs and stories in me that allow those expressions to be present in my experience.

Where my neighbours were struggling and their situation seemed to be escalating, once I started holding them in a space of infinite perfection manifested and in need of nothing, they started to respond to me in a different way. They have  become less challenging, more rational and able to

do more for themselves.

When I started to know that all of Life is abundant and that my consciousness is my abundance money started to flow and come to me from different avenues because I freed it within me to express Itself more fully in my experience.

Once I stopped creating stories and projecting worries and fears Life started to conform to my new Knowing and things became easier and free flowing.

I realised that I had to remove the blocks and obstacles to allowing Life free and full expression through me instead of the limited and contorted expressions that created the difficult experiences that had come before.

It helps me to be present in all situations and if I am experiencing something other than perfect consciousness I keep in my mind ‘there is only infinite consciousness interacting with Itself’ and the situation changes in line with me.

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