Experience Is Where Consciousness Is

By Cat Hamilton,

July 29, 2021

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know by now that I believe all

of Life to be Itself interacting with Itself. From my experience and beliefs it is all vibrations and frequencies attracting and repelling to Itself according to the transmissions being emitted

Through this life and times of deep introspection I realised how much I wanted and was grasping for a different life experience. Always wanting more money, my soulmate and anything else that seemed imperative at the time. However, I realised that those very thoughts were what was keeping the experiences I desired at bay.

Wherever my consciousness is focused - ie; not having enough money or a soulmate relationship - kept me seeing only that, so my experiences conformed to my consciousness about them.

Once i started to know myself as Life manifested and that my means of communication was through thoughts made up of beliefs, experiences and the emotional charge that came with them, I could see that I was responsible for all that I had attracted into my experience. A magnet cannot attract its opposite, it just doesn’t resonate and therefore doesn’t have the magnetic pull.

Knowing myself and all of Life to be a large impersonal transmitter, which can only receive in kind, helped me to see how duality in thinking had created the possibility of the experiences I called to myself. No matter what they were.

Where ever I am anything is possible for I am the attractor of the expressions (people and situations) that then become my experiences.

I used to work as a healer, Bowen therapist and meditation teacher because I wanted to ‘help others’. I realised that I don’t want to experience Life as needing anything, rather I wanted to see only infinite perfect Life in all Its glory. When I shifted from helloing and fixing to acknowledging that all of Life is perfect of Itself, It started to reveal Itself in that way.

Clients started to get better and they were no longer in my consciousness as being sick or ailing in anyway. I started to hold everyone I met with love and looked at their perfect essence instead of what seemed to be appearing and they would act differently, be free of pain in my presence and no longer came for treatment. Consciousness conformed to Itself.

I am never separate from anything and whatever frequencies are being

emitted predominantly attracts the expressions and experiences that

correspond the them, because that is the law of consciousness/attraction.

I was called for Jury service in the UK recently. Every part of me did not resonate with judging, blaming or condemning another. I held in consciousness that there are no blocks in me, and that Life has free and full expression through me. Two days before I was due to start the jury service I received notification thanking me for being available but that I was no longer needed and therefore released from my jury service.

Worry, doubt and fear keep the things feared alive and active in consciousness which then results in experiences and expressions (people and situations) being attracted into day to day life to fulfil Itself, impersonally and perfectly.

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