CIA Interview: Scott Baker

By Amanda Tonna,

September 17, 2021

Scott Baker - Nobody needs to suffer in Silence

Watch the Nobody needs to suffer in Silence interview!


Scott Baker started experiencing mental health issues from the early age of 8. He was judged, misunderstood and treated differently all the way through school. After falling into unhealthy addictions, he was passed around between GPs, psychiatrists and addiction centres .. still misunderstood. After many years of struggles, Scott realised he wasn't getting the help he needed and so reached out to find help. He is here to share with us his journey of recovery and his current projects to challenge the stigma around mental health and promote recovery.


Scott has founded Scotty's Recovery & Wellness to reach out to people who suffer from mental health issues. He is a voice for the people who suffer in silence. He believes that everyone, no matter what their age, background, disability, ethnicity or gender, deserves to be cared for with respect and compassion. He has started sharing videos about his personal story a few years ago to help raise awareness. A touching line from one of his videos is: "Be proud of who you are and never be ashamed of sharing your story". He has lately also published a book.


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