CIA Interview: Mariella Scerri

By Amanda Tonna,

September 17, 2021

Mariella Scerri: Empowerment through Education

On this episode of CIA Interviews, we welcome our Creative Impact Agent Mariella Scerri who has travelled and explored the globe and learnt to combine business and pleasure while doing so. In fact, she is an expert in turning every travelling experience into a business opportunity. She has also used her travelling experience to help women feel safe (and stylish) when travelling alone by sharing valuable tips on her blog Female Flying Solo. You may well know her from her well established chain of furniture shops; Orienta and for her numerous TV appearances for many years. She started her career in Finance, but then went along to create several successful businesses. Mariella will relate to us interesting details of her life, including her burnout and living in Bali for several years, that shaped the person she is today.


Watch the Empowerment through Education episode!


Nowadays she is really focused on empowering through Education. She is making Higher Education more accessible to disadvantaged youngsters by working with the Malta Trust Foundation. She is also empowering women to gain financial independence by leading the Lady Boss on Fire community.


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