Cat Hamilton

My message to humanity...

All of Life is consciousness interacting with Itself.

My Blog Posts

Experience Is Where Consciousness Is

Life is always attracting to Itself through Itself

A Call From Within

All seeming outer changes come from within consciousness.

Life Has Meaning Of Its Own

Life is already perfect, it is thoughts and beliefs that give It any meaning

Stories Are Blocks To Knowing Truth

Life is made up of stories and beliefs that have no bearings on reality. They are just made up and believed to be true...

I Only See What Is In Me

When taking full responsibility for life, it becomes apparent that all is Life conforming to 'our'r thoughts about It....

Life Exists Within Itself

Consciousness is the source and substance of everything that exists...

For work you give to another there should always be an exchange of energy.” St Germain

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With thanks, Cat Hamilton

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