What impact could we possibly make on the world if we collaboratively shared what inspired us without any agenda, expectation, or judgement? What if our only intention was to promote peace, love, and joy?

Each established entrepreneurs in their own right, the coaches, healers, counsellors, and creatives contributing to the Conscious Collaborators blog realise there is a need for changing the face of business, especially marketing. With modern-day marketing practices focused on profits, these conscious entrepreneurs focus on bringing peace, love, and joy through authentic self-expression. By sharing from this space of love, they’re naturally raising the vibration of their readers and offering peace instead of panic during these challenging times.

How to contribute as a reader:

For work you give to another there should always be an exchange of energy.” St Germain

The intention of every writer on the Conscious Collaborators blog is to uplift you through their writing and they expect nothing in return. If you find value in their content, please consider showing your appreciation for their time and energy by commenting, sharing, connecting, or buying them a cup of coffee. You will find their PayPal links at the bottom of their profile pages.

How to contribute as a writer:

Do you have a message for humanity? Do you have a desire to make the world a better place, starting with one reader at a time? Do you understand that everything is energy and that it is the energetic intention behind your writing more than what it is you say that impacts your reader?

If yes, let’s chat. If no, even more reason to chat! The collaborators on this platform have either attended my Vibrational Marketing workshop or read my book, The Easy-Going Entrepreneur: Using the Law of Attraction as your marketing strategy.  Please contact me via my profile page on the Conscious Coaches blog and I’ll tell you more about vibrational marketing and the various ways in which you can become a Conscious Collaborators member: https://consciouscoaches.blog/allison-wentworth-ross.

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