A Call From Within

By Cat Hamilton,

July 5, 2021

It seems to me that throughout history civilisations are brought to the place we find ourselves - living under uncertainty, fear and feeling that freedom has been taken away. However it is not possible to ever really be free within a split consciousness and belief in duality; for freedom is always relative to something else, therefore not free of itself. The only place we can be truly free is within pure consciousness.

In the experiences of Life, consciousness is the only place that fear and 'evil' seem to exist, however they have no basis in reality. Any thoughts of worry, doubt, fear or otherwise are the opposite of the nature of the infinite perfect nature of Life and therefore have no power of themselves.

They only seem to exist and have power because of a belief in them and then subsequent experiences that support that as consciousness conforms to Itself and fulfils the belief.

While I felt angry and confused about the lock down, conspiracy theories and feeling uncomfortable within myself I heard a voice telling me ‘put down your sword’. I realised that it is inevitable in each life time - or experiences in consciousness - that ‘humans’ always face crisis, challenges and slavery in some way because that is the nature of duality.

There has always been uprisings and taking a stand to fight against the system and seeming injustices. However it is always an inner fight. A fight against the seeming individual consciousness that believes itself to be separate, limited and imperfect that this is happening too.

Life is always conforming to Itself through the frequencies being emitted and attracts like back to Itself.

Being told to put down my sword hit me like lightening. I saw a flash of ‘lifetimes’ and pain that I had experienced and realised in that instance that it was all perfect and in line with the consciousness I was carrying and perpetuating at that time. The continual perpetuation of the same old stories of oppression and violation of freedom that I stood up for and fought against was only ever myself fighting my Self. Consciousness interacting with Itself.

Consciousness has evolved to this moment and there is enough of us identifying as spiritual beings who are more spiritually aware, that the time has come to make changes 'collectively' within consciousness and change the social norms.

When we hold the truth of our being as Spiritual then it is easier to approach uncertain times from there; rather than from within the illusion. Just like you can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it you can’t fix an illusion within the illusion. You just perpetuate the illusion and act as if its is real, therefore perpetuating it and giving it power.

When the truth of Self is held in consciousness, and Known as the infinite perfection of Life, the outer experiences change in line with that Knowing. When all is Known as One ‘thing’ interacting with Itself then it stops the cycle of seeing ‘others’ and projecting stories onto them.

Knowing all to be Life interacting with Itself and conforming to Itself takes away blame and offers opportunities to live in the present free from any projections of imperfection. It creates freedom and releases the Self from the illusionary stories it has been telling itself.

When I clear any experiences of discord, imperfection and worry within myself they no longer have power and recede from my experience. If it is not in consciousness then it is not in experience. Continually holding space in consciousness of lack, poverty, sickness and worry keep them alive as an experience and become the predominant expression of ‘your’ consciousness and version of Life.

The power of knowing the Self is freedom and takes away the perpetuation of stories, believed contracts and archaic ways of living. Consciousness has evolved and is Knowing Itself within more of Its expressions. Perhaps the tipping point has been reached and more Self awareness is Known now more than ever before…

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