10,000,000 plastic bottles – Phil Richards, Tapp Water Malta

By Amanda Tonna,

July 17, 2021

Tapp Water Malta distribute a simple and affordable tap water filtration system. Their mission is to reduce the use of 10,000,000 plastic bottles a year on the island by 2024.

Phil Richards describes how he was looking for a sustainable water filtration system to use in his home in Malta for quite a while. He then encountered Tapp Water in Barcelona; a company that had developed a very practical and affordable home water filtering system over many years. He tried it out for a month and then questioned why this essential product was not in Malta.

That is how Tapp Water Malta came into existence. They have recently joined the eco-driven Coral online marketplace. Hear more about the brand's story and their future plans with Molly the Mazda in Episode 1 of our Meet the Change Makers at Coral series.

This video was produced by Amanda Tonna for the Creative Impact Agency, directed and edited by Nirmala Lan Hessellund and brought to you by Eco Market Malta who runs the Coral online marketplace.

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Get to know our dear friend filmmaker and visual artist Nirmala Lan Hesselund who bases her work on the idea that once we see what others do to create change, we feel encouraged to do the same by making the intangible tangible.
Discover the one-stop shop to get your essential products that are good for the people and good for the planet on the Coral platform. 

Get to know the founder Zen D'Amato Gautam at Coral during our CIA interview.

Check out Tapp Water Malta and their awesome plastic-saving products!

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